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  • Arthur Bacon

Why I Hate Republicans

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


Has a single republican come out vehemently against President Trump’s jingoist, racist remarks about freshman non-blond members of The United States Congress? Of course not because they have cultivated a thousand obsequiously tepid responses to Trump’s increasingly authoritarian, xenophobic rhetoric to a high art. What Trump just said about “the squad” is unbelievably stupid, undemocratic and racist. Yeah, yeah, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney issued mild rebukes but this latest barrage of pyrotechnic misogynous racism is beyond the pale. It is an exclamation for impeachment, if there ever was one, no matter what the immediate cost in 2020. Trump is to all republicans like the perverted uncle at the dinner table. Everybody with their faces sucking up the caviar knows what he is up to with the maid but they don’t say anything.

I hate republicans for their oleaginous cowardice, their Faustian hubris, and their indifference to the future of this country, which is inching ever closer to civil war. I loathe Trump and his base and they loath me. This ain’t gonna be resolved by an election.

I hate them for the way they hate culture, comity and honesty. I hate them for the way they hate women, immigrants, diplomacy, national monuments, clean air and water. I hate them with the same fervor they hate gays, immigrants, Planned Parenthood, science and the law.

Why do I hate them so much? Because EVERY day their unctuous groveling before their epithetical president proves that Hillary employed understatement when she called them “deplorable”. They are invertebrate sycophants. There is no other word to describe how we must feel about such people. We have a gold-digging, sexually depraved, disingenuous, spoiled brat for president and all republicans love him. They love him more than they love this country and The Constitution. They love HIM more than they love wilderness, friends and allies and global responsibility. I can count on one hand the “influential” republicans who have sheepishly “come out” against Donald Trump and his lies, bullying and schoolyard monikers.

Just a couple months ago, on Wednesday 12 June 2019, President Donald Trump said he would accept excreta on his political foes from our most dangerous global adversary (just like he did in 2016) in the forthcoming election cycle. I say what? Other than Mitt Romney did ANY republicans stand up and shout “enuf already! Impeach the bastard”! Remember folks; this is a guy who dissed our closest friends in Ottawa, Canberra, London, Paris and Berlin while embracing despots like Duterte, Orban, Bolsonaro, Rocket Man AND Vladimir Putin. He has trashed NATO and pulled out of Paris and the Iran nuclear deal. This guy is running the White House like he ran his casinos; into the ground, and so-called reasonable republicans like Lindsay Graham continue to wear out the knees of their trousers genuflecting before every obscenity emanating from the Offal Office.

Clearly this is a president with a Dollar Store moral compass. Imagine if Franklin Roosevelt had said such a thing in 1940. How would we feel about FDR today if we knew that he had accepted election scheisse about Wendell Wilkie from Adolph Hitler? How would THAT look in the history books Mr. Trump? Have you thought about that? Come on everybody, Russia is our most dangerous enemy and our president cozies up to the guy. Come on republicans, you all read Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus. Well, apparently you just read the first part about all the wine, women and celebrity. You would do well to read the end.

NEVER, in the history of the United States have we had such a vulgar, humorless, misogynistic, deceitful, mean, self-aggrandizing president and yet I have not heard of a single republican who is embarrassed, much less apoplectic by the infantile, narcissistic, flip-flopping, illiterate Mr. Trump.

I confess that I did not understand all the talk a few years ago about how Donald Trump was not a real republican because to me he seemed like the archetypal republican. Remember the Tea Party rallies and the odious shouts of “let them die, let them starve”? Remember how Michael J. Fox was ridiculed by a republican radio dude? Remember when Donald Trump first raised the “birther” issue? Donald Trump is THE QUINTESSENTIAL REPUBLICAN!

This new breed of republicans is willing to sell their own mothers and grandmothers to the highest bidder. EVERYTHING is for sale, from our once-clean waters, our wildernesses, our national monuments, our public schools, our historic friendships with London, Paris and Berlin, our respect for the “Fourth Estate”, our leadership in the fight against climate change, the idea of planned parenting and even the wonderful Fulbright scholar program. Every single republican has caved in to this bludgeoning Trump wrecking ball.

I want a president I can be proud of. Republicans have proven that they lack any semblance of Kantian categorical imperative as they make obeisance to Donald Trump’s 10,000 lies, venality, bellicosity and international bullying and now unabashed racism directed at members of our/his own government. It IS true that, as he said remarkably, he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and nobody would prosecute him. Now he says he would be happy if Vlad emailed him with some dirt on Bernie or Beto and who gives a shit? NOBODY! He can shout that un-blond political opponents should go back to their countries, and one wonders why I hate republicans?

Just a short while ago he virtually started a war with Iran and then pulled back claiming magnanimity because he doesn’t want to kill 140 people because somebody made a mistake and shot down one of our drones. OMG, isn’t he nice! Can we please desist from any more cognitive dissonance; “they” lied about the Gulf of Tonkin. “They” lied about WMD’s in Baghdad. And now, after lying to us a thousand times is there anybody with a three-digit IQ who thinks Donald Trump won’t lie to us about mines in Hormuz or threats to our new embassy in Jerusalem? Give me a break.

Joe Biden says that he can work with republicans. I say what? Does the name Merrick Garland ring a bell? Early-onset dementia Joe. Some of us like to say things like, “If only we had republicans today like Dewey, Ike, Rockefeller and Lindsay”, forgetting that even those republicans were against everything we liberals stand for such as the FDIC, Social Security, Civil Rights legislation, Medicare, clean water, better schools, wilderness protection and a mature foreign policy. Today’s republicans — progeny of Newt Gingrich and the Tea Party — will work with democrats when condom dispensers are installed in Vatican lavatories.

My neighbor is a republican and I ask him, “Well, aren’t you embarrassed by Trump’s vulgarity, misogyny and school yard epithets”? He says, “Hey, I want a leader not a fucking pastor. The guy cut taxes, put in a couple great justices, the economy is booming, unemployment is down, what’s to be embarrassed about. You liberals are so touchy. Get over it”.

I never liked them, but now I really hate the sonsabitches.

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Christine Aleta
Christine Aleta
Apr 27, 2022

I'm in total agreement. Trump is pure scum not worthy of being called human. I hope a massive heart attack takes him OUT.

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