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  • Arthur Bacon

The Rise and Fall of Amerika

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The Rise and Fall of Amerika

Or a Brief Chronology of the Origins of World War III

Friday, 20 January 2017: just after noon, after having taken the Oath of Office and walked part of the way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, Donald Trump goes directly to the Oval Office and sits down at “The Resolute” desk. Looking directly into the camera the new president says, “Thank you America for giving me the privilege of leading this great nation. I have been told by my aids that tradition dictates that I am supposed to go to some sort of bi-partisan Congressional luncheon right after the walk but as you know by now, I am not traditional and there is no time to waste. There is so much that needs to be done, or undone, as the case may be. I am a man of action. I get things done. I want to take this opportunity to make good on several things I said I would do if elected president. I know I said I would do a lot of things and believe me, I will, but first things first.

So, first of all, I said I would officially announce that China is a currency manipulator, secondly, that I would get rid of ISIS, thirdly, get rid of the criminals who have come into this country illegally, and finally, get the federal government out of the health care business. Don’t worry, I am going to take care of the stupid common core, trade imbalances, infrastructure and the wall before you know it but today these four things. So, to all of you who climbed over or under the fence or swam across the river and then stole, raped and wrecked havoc on American soil I suggest that you climb BACK over the fence and swim back to Mexico as fast as you can because all ATF, FBI, Unites States Marshalls and local law enforcement authorities are coming for you right now as I speak. Last time I looked it was Friday, a work day, and law enforcement across America is working today, as I speak, to get rid of all the bad actors who want to come here and make life miserable for all law-abiding AMERICAN citizens. Any undocumented immigrant with the slightest mischief on his or her record is going back, back to where they once belonged. This is the beginning of immigration reform folks. First get rid of the riffraff and then we can deal equitably with the rest.

Two, as for Obamacare, I have ordered my staff to examine ways to cut all federal funding and federal government positions related to The Affordable Health Care Act through executive actions. Congress has already been working on this. Believe me, this stupid program that has been like a pair of cement boots on our economy is going to die a fast death without government life-support. The American people deserve better than some cockamamie socialist health care system. From now on you will be able to purchase a health care plan of your choice when and wherever you want without going through some stupid government website that probably doesn’t work. In a very short time you will be able to get health care as easily as buying diapers at Walmart.

Three: As far as China goes they are manipulating their currency which hurts American jobs so I am instructing my Secretary of the Treasury to make our position official and begin looking into what tariffs we are going to impose on Chinese goods coming into the United States. As simple as that. Nobody is going to play games with the American economy again. We are not going to eat chow mien with chopsticks any more folks.

Lastly, as for ISIS, I am going to pick up this phone as soon as the cameras are turned off and make one phone call that will be the beginning of the end for radical Islamic terrorism. Believe me, Islamic terrorism is going to end. Soon. The contents and directives of the call will be top secret but I say to everybody out there watching this who wants to do harm to the American people you probably do not appreciate the speed of light but I assure you it is very fast, very fast, and you will not have much time to get back to your caves or wherever you come from because we’re coming after you; sooner than you can possibly believe. I said I would get rid of you and I will. For all of you in America you can be assured that no radical Islamic terrorist will ever set foot in North America again.

I know that Monday is actually my first official day in office but about one hour ago I just took the most important oath of my life; to protect and defend these United States as President and Commander and Chief and I intend to do that as fast as possible. Some things can’t wait for the weekend; you know what I’m saying?

Okay, time for lunch. We’re gonna make America so great! God bless America.”

22 January 2017: Operation Secure Safety, begins as long range bombers from Naples, Pisa, Munich-Riem, Wiesbaden, Incirlik, Turkey, in addition to the aircraft carriers USS Harry S. Truman and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the new Elmo Zumwalt advanced destroyer with Long Range Land Attack Projectiles, turn Al Raqqah into an uninhabitable wasteland. It is the most destructive concentrated demonstration of non-nuclear firepower in the history of mankind.

23 January 2017: President Trump says, speaking from “The Resolute” desk, “I promised I would do it and I did it. No more ISIS. No more radical Islamic terrorism. Gone. Poof. Nobody with a black hood is ever going to threaten the United States again as long as I am president. I don’t care if we have to kill their families, their children, their grandmothers, burn their houses, torture every last one of them; we will kill them all if they so much as raise their ugly heads in the sands of Syria, Sudan, Iraq or wherever. Enough is enough. Islamic terrorism is history folks. Never again, believe me. God bless America.”

27 January 2017: President Trump announces the elimination of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In his press release he states that “OSHA has long been a drag on business and its time has come. I’m not gonna say it. . .but, Hasta la vista.”

28 January 2017: 7 Muslims students are killed in the campus prayer room at New York University by a lone gunman.

1 February 2017: Construction begins on the “Aqua Fence” that will run down the middle of the Rio Grande River from El Paso to Brownsville. The “Fence” will consist of fifty-foot-high towers spaced every 1000 feet in the middle of the river that will hold a steel cable from which will hang a steel mesh barrier with an electric shock wire at the top. Border Patrol agents will be ordered to shoot to kill anybody climbing on or through this fence. What gaps remain in the existing wall/fence between El Paso and San Diego will be constructed by the Israeli company Mifram Security Construction, with expertise in defense and ballistic projects as well as the apartheid wall in Israel.

3 February 2017: President Trump announces that Ted Cruz is his choice to fill the Supreme Court seat of Antonin Scalia.

5 February 2017: Secretary of Education Betsey DeVos says on Meet the Press, “The federal government has no business in dictating anything to the states regarding what is taught and how anything is taught. The federal government is here to help but not dictate. Common Core was a dictate. The only common core we all have is our Judeo-Christian heritage. To that end all publically funded schools in these United States will be required to do the three things I grew up with and which subsequent liberal congresses have eviscerated which are: say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the National Anthem and say a prayer every day at homeroom. America is a country founded on immigration and diversity but we also need to hold on to the fundamentals of our heritage and Christian principles articulated by our Founding Fathers”.

14 February 2017: Ignoring protocol to visit Canada first, before traveling to other countries, President Trump flies to Moscow.

15 February 2017: The White House closes the Press Room for “remodeling” until an indeterminate future date.

20 February 2017: David Brooks reports in the New York Times that on his recent trip to Russia President Trump signed papers giving Trump International rights to build a new hotel and golf course in Sochi.

21 February 2017: President Trump tweets: I’m a businessman; should I stop being a businessman just because I am president? Did Barack Obama stop playing basketball when he became president? Give me a break”!

22 February 2017: At ten in the morning President Trump announces “Phase Two” of his immigration reform program and signs the American Immigration Labor Protection Executive Order which forbids ALL illegal immigrants from working and living in the United States, anywhere, anytime starting “yesterday.” FBI, ATF, US Marshals and local law enforcement agencies are ordered to strictly enforce this law and arrest all illegals who will be sent back to Mexico, Guatemala or Honduras immediately. Any business, factory, farm or household found guilty of hiring and using illegal labor will be severely fined. Attorney General Jeff Sessions gives his approval for ethnic profiling; if you look like your great, great grandparents did NOT come over on the Mayflower then you could be asked for identification.

Across the “rust belt” from Erie, Pennsylvania to Detroit, Michigan Hispanics are beaten and driven from their homes. Fox News reports and Breitbart Observer writes that Hispanics were out looting and raping.

Joe Arpaio, Assistant Director of Homeland Security announces that “the old” United States Border Patrol policy of humanitarian “capture and return” is jettisoned.  Border Patrol agents from San Diego to Brownsville are ordered to “shoot to kill” within one mile of the border. National Rifle Association volunteers camp along “The Fence” from San Diego to El Paso and run armed boats up and down the Rio Grande from El Paso to Brownsville 24/7.

25 February 2017: European leaders are concerned about aerial reconnaissance information they see in eastern Ukraine and western Russia and Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO requests high level military talks with the United States. President Trump tweets that NATO has not been paying its fair share of bills for men and material and that the United States is, for all practical purposes, withdrawing all ground troops from European soil as well as recalling US NATO representative Douglas Lute.

27 February 2017: President Trump announces that all American ground troops are pulling out of the Syrian/ISIS conflict. Russia will take the lead in battling any residual ISIS troops in Syria and guarantee the stability of the Assad regime.

1 March 2017: Ten Russian divisions muster on the eastern border of Ukraine. Secretary Tillerson flies to Sevastopol to meet with Secretary Lavrov.

Fox News reports that Ukrainians have been beating, robbing and raping Russian immigrants and Russian-speaking citizens for years.

3 March 2017: In a nationally televised speech from the Oval Office, President Trump tells the American people that he and President Putin see “eye-to-eye.” He says, “Since the agreement in 1939, the Ukraine has been a de facto part of the Soviet Union. There are many, many Russians living there right now. We will not support NATO aggression in the Baltic. As a matter of fact, the United States is no longer a member of NATO.” President Trump concludes by saying, “Thanks to my special relationship with President Putin we will have peace in our time in eastern Europe.”

5 March 2017: President Petro Poroshenko flies (flees) to London as Russian-armed Ukrainian insurgents backed by special Russian Spetsnaz units advance to the eastern city limits of Kiev.

11 March 2017: Senator Bernie Sanders convenes a special committee to investigate President Trump’s relations with Russia and whether impeachment proceedings should begin.

14 March 2017: A violent explosion in the La Playa hotel in Cancun, Mexico kills 37 American tourists.

17 March 2017: 6 Tohono O’odham Indian men, women and children are crushed to death by an Israeli (Mifram Security Industry) armored D-9 Caterpillar bulldozer while protesting the construction of a wall across their reservation in southern Arizona which occupies land on both sides of the US-Mexico border.

19 March 2017: On Meet the Press White House Strategist Steve Bannon says, “Look, the US-Mexican border runs in a straight line through there. We can’t have just anybody demanding a detour around their private ranch, resort or reservation. I heard these people were drunk. Are we going to let a few drunken Indians jeopardize the security of the whole country; I don’t think so”.

22 March 2017: President Trump issues Executive Order 17B giving eminent domain to Energy Transfer Systems to complete their pipeline across the Dakotas to Iowa and Illinois.

25 March 2017: Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat and US Ambassador David Friedman pound in the first survey markers for the new American embassy in Jerusalem at the intersection of Ben Adaya Shmu el Road and Imru Al Qay Road on “undeveloped land” known as The Moslem Quarter.

7 April 2017: President Trump announces that the United States is abrogating the Iranian nuclear accord signed by former President Barack Obama. All Iranian funds are seized in US banks and the embargo is re-instituted. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travels to Mar a Lago for talks with President Trump. Iran announces that since the whole deal is off they will begin enriching nuclear material immediately despite vigorous opposition by England, Russia, France and Germany, co-signatories of the deal.

8 April 2017: At 3 Am Eastern Standard Time President Trump tweets, “Bomb bomb bomb! Bomb bomb Iran!”

9 April 2017: The New York Times reports that Kuschner Companies has been awarded the contract to build the new athletic complex and stadium for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The project will occupy seven acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank east of Jerusalem. Palestinians vow to protest the construction with “any means possible”.

11 April 2017:During Passover, The Fifth Avenue entrance to New York’s Temple Emanu-el is destroyed by a truck bomb killing 27 people and injuring 156 others. Brietbart Observer and Fox News report that “enhanced” interrogation techniques reveal that the attackers were Muslim.

ALL mosques are closed in the United States. Hijabs, Burqas and headscarves are prohibited. All Muslim businesses are closed. Muslims are forbidden to work for the federal government and all Muslim immigrants since 2001, are required to report to the nearest Immigration and Naturalization office for special identity cards.

12 April 2017: President Trump, speaking from the Rose Garden says, “Look, lets not pretend and be afraid of calling a spade a spade. We are at war with Islam. Period. When you hear of a suicide bombing, a truck drive-through, a mass killing does the word Baptist, Methodist, Catholic or Jew come to mind? I don’t think so. You think Islam. We are at war with Islam ladies and gentlemen. Remember the Crusades? We stopped them at the gates of Vienna and today we will push them back to the caves of Afghanistan. Believe me, these are not nice people. Think of Jesus standing there calm and loving. Think of Mohamed on his horse leading his troops into battle. Islam is a religion of war, violence and jihad folks. We had a president who tried to be friends with them. Did they care? Were they nice because Hussein Obama wore a kufy (sic) on his head? No. This is a bad religion and we will prevail. God bless America”.

13 April 2017: The House of Representatives passes The House Unpatriotic Citizen Act. As Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions explains: “Look, you’re either for or against us. If you’re against us, leave. Fine; we will assist in your airfare back home. But if you’re agin (sic) us and elect to stay and cause mischief you will face the full extent of the law. If you think you can stand on a street corner shouting epithets at the president while desecrating the stars and stripes and recommending reckless disobedience to the project of this great country then you are not behaving like a good citizen, therefore you are being unpatriotic, un-American and you will suffer the consequences. We are at war with terrorism at home and abroad. There is no room for activities that erode our Constitution-inspired Christian values. You wanna rail you can do it in jail”.

15 April 2017: The Abubakar As-Sadique Islamic Center in Minneapolis burns to the ground.

19 April 2017: Senator Ted Cruz is appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

25 April 2017: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announces that LGBTQ clubs will no longer be allowed in American public schools because “. . .there is no mention of LGBTQ people in the Bible and homosexuality is a sin and our job is to teach, love and assist young people to be the very best that they can be and not be held back by perverse sexual hang-ups. Every public high school in America will have a full-time “spiritual orientation” counselor and full-time program to re-program youths who have been led down the path of sin. Being trans, gay or queer is not fun. We are here to help. God bless our children”.

29 April 2017: In a nationally televised speech, Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke announces the President’s new “Make America Great” bill that immediately opens up all Forest Service, Wilderness and BLM lands from Maine to Alaska to oil, mineral and gas development. No more wilderness  “wastelands.” Secretary Zinke says, “The American people need more living room. We need to make America great and build our country. Look, these places are uninhabited. They’re wastelands, wilderness deserts, swamps; nothing lives there but snakes and sagebrush. They’re even called wilderness areas on the map. Look at the map if you don’t believe me. It says ‘wilderness’. We need to develop these places. The dark evil of nature must be eliminated. President Trump is re-instituting Abraham Lincoln’s Homestead Act of 1862 to open all these wasteland areas to private and business development by issuing 10,000 homesteading permits on a first-come, first-serve basis after the first 1,000 designated for business and industrial permits. America is going to be greater than ever thanks to our leader Donald Trump. God bless America!”

1 May 2017: David Brooks and Dimitri Gerazski, a Russian journalist formerly with the KGB and Pravda, publish a lengthy 3-part story detailing Donald Trump’s conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the election and their plans to discredit Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Additionally, they unveil further evidence of Donald Trump’s romp with Russian prostitutes as well as the recent Sochi Trump Hotel deal.

2 May 2017: President Trump tweets: “Fake. Lies. Sounds like Nazis. These guys ought to be shot for this kind of libel”.

6 May 2017: At the first annual America First rally more than one million Trump supporters gather on the Washington mall to hear speeches by the president, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Ann Coulter, Ivanka Trump and David Duke. The rally begins at six Eastern Time and goes until midnight. Surrounded by a million red and black flags with Gothic black T’s in the middle, lit by torches limning the length of the Mall with a hundred giant xenon anti-aircraft searchlights spiking the night air, Donald Trump, speaking from the steps of the Capitol building, tells the crowd, “I have a dream. I have a dream to make America great again. I am going to make America so great you won’t believe it. We had eight years of socialism, Islam and stupidity and we need to be strong again and defend our Constitution. We’re gonna take back our cities, our rights, our guns and our jobs. We’re gonna take back our history. This country was founded on Christian principals and we’re gonna take all that back right now. God bless America! USA! USA! USA! That’s right, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, the Constitution and apple pie you don’t belong here. There is only one holy book and you know what it is called and it doesn’t begin with the letter “Q”. The crowd erupts in chanting, “Donald Trump, USA, Donald Trump, USA, Donald Trump, USA.”

Twisted Sisters’ We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore blasts across the mall as The Blue Angels followed by the searchlights streak over Washington discharging phosphorous red, white and blue contrails over the rapturous crowds and the biggest fireworks display in American history explodes behind the Washington Monument.

8 May 2017: President Trump signs legislation to attach a fifteen percent tariff on all manufactured goods coming into the United States from China.

9 May 2017: The Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500 drop to record lows.

10 June 2017: Judge Gonzalo Curiel and his wife are found murdered in their home in San Diego. Fox News claims common robbery was the probable cause of the murder since the judge was holding a .22 caliber Beretta semi-automatic pistol and his 1965 Fender Composite Stratocaster guitar was among the missing items.

19 June 2017: Ignoring the advice of the Committee for the Preservation of the White House, construction begins on a mini three-hole golf course and driving range on the South Lawn of the White House. Construction also begins on a gold-plated escalator replacing The Grand Staircase inside the White House.

20 June 2017: Protesting the construction of Hebrew University’s stadium in east Jerusalem, dozens of Palestinians storm into the ancient walled city of Jerusalem through Herod’s Gate killing 57 Jews, Christians and tourists before being shot by IDF troops. Israel responds by imposing a total curfew in the West Bank while rounding up friends and relatives of the slain Palestinian “terrorists”.

22 June 2017: Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announces cuts for all government funding for Climate Change research citing lack of “convincing evidence”. Restrictions of Coal-fired power plants are lifted. The United States drops out of the Paris Climate Accords. Secretary Ross tells CNN, “The fraud of global warming is over. Al Gore can find some other way to make money because windmills went out with the little Dutch boy”!

23 June 2017: Marine Le Pen is elected Prime Minister of France.

25 June 2017: Despite opposition from business leaders, congress passes the Democracy in the Americas Bill that imposes a paper blockade on Cuba until true “democracy blooms once again in the jewel of the Caribbean”.

7 July 2017: The Fresno Bee reports the 17th consecutive day of noontime

temperatures (in the shade) in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the Central Valley. Both Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks are threatened. Since the elimination of the US Forest Service, the Chelan fire in Washington and the Red Lodge fire in Montana, which is threatening Yellowstone, have depleted the manpower and resources of all fire fighting agencies in the West.

8 July 2017: Kellyanne Conway announces construction of the new “lodge” at Camp David to replace the old Aspen cabin. Costas Kondylis, President Trump’s principal architect for the last decade, says the new building will be twice as big and “introduce modern technology into nature with skyward thrusts to exalt in man’s dominion over nature”.

16 July 2017: 55 people are killed in an explosion at the (gay) Ego Bar in Providence, Rhode Island. Authorities are reluctant to call it a hate crime.

17 July 2017: The New York Times reports the beginning of construction of a Trump International hotel in Tel Aviv. In the same article the Times mentions that Donald Trump is the first president of the United States to refuse to give up any financial holdings in any of the 500 companies he has interest in. David Brooks says that President Trump is indistinguishable from any of the other modern day dictators in his narcissism and accumulation of personal wealth thanks to his governmental power.

19 July 2017: Hilary Clinton, accused of national security violations, released on personal recognizance, is fatally shot leaving the federal courthouse in Washington DC by a lone gunman. The shooter, Reinhold Schweinman, a Vietnam veteran, was a frequent visitor to Massachusetts State Hospital and Massachusetts State Penitentiary for most of the last thirty years experiencing severe PTSD. Mr. Schweinman used an Accuracy International AS50 sniper rifle that he had bought at a gun show. Mr. Schweinman told authorities that he was able to conceal himself in his “plumber’s van” which he parked along 3rd Street Southwest about 1,300 yards from the courthouse entrance. He said he was “ordered” to kill Mrs. Clinton by Mr. Trump last year and has been planning ever since and when he turned himself in to authorities he said he wanted to meet Mr. Trump and work on the president’s security team.

27 July 2017: David Brooks writes in the New York Times that Secretary of State Tillerson has negotiated a personal, secret contract worth 3.7 billion dollars with Russia’s Rosneft Petroleum Company. The deal was set up with Secretary Tillerson’s sister, Rae Ann Hamilton (nee Tillerson) to act as CEO of the phantom company with headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica until Tillerson’s retirement from government.

3 August 2917: Dimitri Gerazski, Russian journalist living in New York city dies of polonium-210-induced radiation syndrome.

28 August 2017: Angela Merkel is defeated by Udo Voigt of the National Democratic Party (NPD).

5 September 2017: Congress approves National Security Detention and Interrogation Bill and approves continued use and expansion of Guantanamo and “enhanced” technical and physiologically proven interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists.

Labor Day, 2017: In “celebration”, President Trump, speaking from the escalator in Trump Tower, gives approval for The National Infrastructure Reform Bill recently passed through the House of Representatives which will put hundreds of thousands of people to work rebuilding our bridges, roads, communication, water and electrical infrastructure. President Trump says, “And to pay for the repair of our bridges, rails and roads a five cents per mile toll will be levied on ALL interstate highways. President Eisenhower built these magnificent roads and now we need to fix them. Nothing is free folks. Electronic license-plate readers are being installed on every freeway entrance as I speak. Making America great again is not a handout. This is something we all have to share. We are going to have the best infrastructure in the world, believe me. I realize that this is going to put a burden on those of you who commute therefore I am proposing a 50% tax reduction for all businesses employing fifteen or more employees. Let’s all work to make America great again! God bless.”

9 September 2017: David Brooks is blinded by acid while walking to the subway in Manhattan. The assailant is still at large.

11 September 2017: 9 Italian, French and Maltese tourists are killed by Palestinians in the Tomb of The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in ancient Jerusalem.

3 October 2017: Roe V. Wade is overturned five to four. 137 women in Florida, Louisiana and Texas, with ultrasound evidence of micro cephalic fetuses, are jailed for attempting to get abortions despite the on-going virulent spread of Zika.

5 October 2017: Record level high seas wreak billions of dollars of damage in low-lying cities around the world. St Marks Basilica in Venice, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world collapses due to flooding killing 31 people. Millions of people in Bangkok, Jakarta and Mumbai are without homes while thousands die from flood-related events. In Miami and Tampa-St Petersburg nearly one million people are left homeless.

6 October 2017: When asked about climate change on Fox News, Assistant Secretary of the Interior Palin says, “Look, the Bible says there was a flood and that was just three or four thousands of years ago. We have had glaciers and floods and dinosaurs and more floods ever since. I’m sorry and our hearts go out to all these people under water right now but lets stop blaming it all on Exxon Mobile or the coal industry ok? Mother Nature is just taking her course”.

6 November 2017: Vice President Pence, tasked by President Trump to address “the socialist secularization of America” announces that Planned Parenthood is now relegated to “Watch Status” by Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. All federal funding for biological reproductive research, abortion and birth control is suspended.

19 November 2017: Dr. James Q. Thomlinsen is mortally wounded while getting into his car at his abortion clinic in Terre Haute, Indiana.

December 31, 2017: New Year’s Eve. 7,456 people are killed when a team of ISIS fighters kills the driver of a DOT dump truck blocking 46th Street and drives it through the crowd of celebrants. This opened a path for a Winnebago motor home loaded with high explosives and radioactive waste. The shooting began exactly when the ball reached midnight and it took several minutes for anybody to realize what was happening and by then the dump truck had killed dozens by the time the motor home reached the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue when it exploded.

1 January 2018: ISIS leaders celebrate their “victory” across the Internet. Hundreds of millions of people around the world see a man holding a Kalashnikov, wearing a black robe with a black scarf over his face. That man, Gulmurod Khalimov, Blackwater-trained ISIS commander says, “Al Raqqa was just a city Mr. Trump. We are an IDEA. Allah is with us and we WILL destroy you and your stupid, heretical, anemic, capitalist society. And, for every settlement Israel builds we will train 1000 martyrs who will dedicate their entire lives to killing Christians and Jews. Palestinians are our brothers. Every time you kill one of us two more fighters rise from the sacred sands of The Fertile Crescent. I will return to America and you will all die!”

2 January 2018: Addressing the nation from the Oval Office President Trump says, “Melania and I want everybody to know that our hearts go out to the victims of this tragic event. This was the most cowardly act in the history of mankind and we will not stand around and let it happen again; never again in America. But this is what happens after eight years of Muslim complicity with terror. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, for eight years the people running this country cared more about their Muslim friends and allies than they did about your children and grandchildren. They didn’t care and I told them so and they laughed at me. Well now they are everywhere because Barack Hussein Obama let them in. Now they’re here among us and who knows when the next attack will come. We don’t know because they’re hiding in their mosques and clubs and hideouts. As of today I am directing all law enforcement agencies in the United States to arrest every single Muslim in America today, right now as I speak this is happening. It will be up to them to prove that they speak perfect English, know the Constitution and are indeed American citizens with impeccable records. If there is ANYTHING fishy in their histories they will be sent immediately to our national detention facilities in Nevada where they will be held until further action can be taken. Needless to say, all sartorial manifestations of Islam are strictly forbidden; no more hoods, veils, scarves or burqas. This is an honest country where people should not be hiding their faces. Thank you for your trust in me and god bless America.”

3 January 2018: Fatima al Yahiri, a 15 year old Christian Syrian girl is gang-raped and murdered in the bathroom of Rutland, Vermont High School.

6 January 2018: At a Ku Klux Klan rally in Birmingham, Alabama, a Somali man is tarred and feathered and remains in critical condition in Birmingham General Hospital.

7 January 2018: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces new federal policy that all abortions in the United States are illegal. Abortion doctors, health-care providers and women attempting to get abortions will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

8 January 2018: The New York Times reports that China now has six Xian JH-7 bombers and ten Russian-made SU-35 fighter jets stationed on Spratly Island in the South China Sea in addition to a destroyer of the 052D class, two 054A frigates and assorted other military craft in addition to dozens of commercial support vessels.

9 January 2018: President Trump orders a demonstrative fly-over of the Spratly Island group by five B-52 strategic bombers and ten F-16 fighter jets. President Trump tweets, “We can play that game too. No man is an island”.

10 January 2018: Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, announces a special energy deal with India. He tells Meet the Press, “This negotiation will provide thousands of old/new jobs in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. Additionally, it will provide new jobs in places like Oakland, Seattle and San Diego as the new transfer facilities are being built. This is a win-win for America. We can’t burn coal but India has the technology to burn it clean. WE have oil and gas. It is estimated that there is more potential oil in the North Slope than there ever was in Texas”.

11 January 2018: The Supreme Court overturns the Brady Bill and declares that background checks are unconstitutional. Justice Cruz, speaking for the majority, says that the Second Amendment gives us the right to buy and own guns. Period. No questions asked. He says, “Look, it’s like having a service dog. You have a right to own a service dog and take that dog with you anywhere you want. Period. Nobody can ask you if it is a service dog or what kind of service dog it is or why you need it. Same with guns. Nobody has the right to intrude on your private, Constitutional right to buy and own as many guns as you want, where you want and when you want.”

Fox News and Brietbart Observer report that Black Lives Matter and NOP (Not Our President) are tied to several North American militia/terror groups such as The Black Liberation Army, The Crips, The Lost Tribes of Judah and Cain’s Children. Breitbart also reports that BLM is associated with drug dealing in Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, Detroit and Oakland.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces dusk to dawn curfews in East St Louis, Watts, parts of Detroit, Hunter’s Point in San Francisco, West Oakland, Richmond, South Chicago, and other predominantly black neighborhoods across the country. Cell phone or other video of police activity is strictly prohibited. Homeland Security Director John Kelly issues a statement that “Black Lives Matter” is a terrorist organization.

12 January 2018: Congress passes the Flag Desecration Amendment to the United States Constitution. Any and all flag burning will be treated as a treasonous felony.

13 January 2018: 2 Syrian divisions muster on the northeastern border along the Golan Heights of Israel while Israeli troops occupy Gaza’s eastern border amid intense house-to-house fighting. Hezbollah intensifies its attacks along Israel’s northern border. In the West Bank violent protests continue against Hebrew University expansion. Egypt and Lebanon protest Israeli settlement expansion. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Trump at Mar a Lago.

15 January 2018: Three black youths are shot by police in East Los Angeles. Widespread violence breaks out in South Central Los Angeles killing 73 and injuring 324 including police and emergency personnel and causing 1.3 billion dollars in damage.

18 January 2018: The Supreme Court rules in favor of the “Daughters of the Confederacy” in their First Amendment “flag” suit against the federal government. The Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag (Confederate) flies again above the State House in South Carolina.

19 January 2018: The New York Times reports that Israel is beginning construction on five new settlements in the West Bank. Kuschner Companies signs contract for the construction of all defense facilities. Palestinian Prime Minister Abas protests any new settlements. President Trump tweets: “”Get over it Mahmoud. It’s the Holy land. Remember Jesus?”

20 January 2018: Kwanda Parks, Rashid Newton and Jamal Seale are sentenced to ten years in prison for burning a United States flag in front of the state house in Birmingham, Alabama.

21 January 2018: The third Intifada begins as thousands of Palestinians storm through the Kiryat Arba settlement at Hebron killing hundreds of Jewish settlers while rockets from Gaza kill 13 Israelis in the towns of Nirim and Kisufim. IDF forces move deep into the West Bank and begin enforcing a 24/7 curfew.

23 January 2018: Video of Mexican teenager shot by a US border patrol sniper while attaching a Mexican flag to the top of one of the Aqua Fence’s towers in the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas goes viral. President Trump tweets: “What goes up must come down. We’re not playing games folks. Keep America safe. Fences make good neighbors.”

29 January 2018: Congress passes The Retirement Security Act. All Social Security funds will be sold at market value and distributed to everybody who is presently on Social Security so they can be “free to build their own retirement security using various financial instruments to invest without government restrictions”. President Trump tweets: “Maybe socialism works in Stockholm but this is America.”

The Republican controlled Congress cuts all federal funding for the Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The News Hour goes off the air.

1 February 2018: Exxon-Mobile begins drilling operations in Alaska’s North Slope. Energy Transfer Systems begins building the “Freedom Pipe” from Pt. Barrow to Vancouver, BC.

7 February 2018: The National Rifle Association and the American Gun Manufacturers Trade Association launch new “Home and School Security Initiative” campaign with billboards across the country showing President Trump holding his new Bushmaster AR-15 while sitting at his desk in the Oval Office with the words, “Even the best of homes can use a little extra security. Make sure you have yours.”

President Trump tweets: “Love my Bushmaster”!

As part of the HSSI (Home and School Security Initiative) Secretary of Education Betsey DeVos announces that a minimum of five teachers in EVERY school will be required to carry a gun by the start of the 2018-2019 school year. NRA volunteers will provide security and training in the interim until all schools and teachers have been trained and properly equipped.

15 February 2018: Homeland Security and the Pentagon ask Congress for funds to expand the detention facility at Guantanamo because its present prison population is 2000 and they are concerned about humanitarian conditions of over-crowding.

20 February 2018: Kuschner Companies is awarded a contract to expand Git-mo to a 5000 unit facility.

12 March 2018: Congress approves of President Trump’s Executive Order to consolidate ALL federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, US Marshals, ATF) into one organization, “The National Patriotic Defense Force”. The NPDF will operate directly out of the office of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ office. The NPDF will be the sole law enforcement agency in the country; responsible for everything from drug enforcement and immigration to taxes, terrorism and internal security. All immigrants will report to NPDF offices every six months.

17 April 2018: The New York Times reports that charitable giving dropped by 57 percent in 2017.

18 April 2018: Failure of the US Post Office to meet its financial obligations under the Postal Accountability Act of 2006, President Trump announces that Fed Ex will assume responsibility for all domestic residential mail services. The United States Postal Service will maintain its delivery to military personnel and foreign transactions.

19 July 2018: Russian troops muster on the eastern borders of Latvia. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lectures the American people that just as we have The Monroe Doctrine protecting our sphere of influence here in the Western Hemisphere, Russia has the “Brezhnev Doctrine” protecting their sphere of influence which includes Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. He reminds the American people that President Putin and President Trump have a special relationship.

10 August 2018: A Palestinian suicide bomber rappelling off the wall of the Temple Mount down to the Western Wall kills 19 Jewish worshippers and 3 military personnel. In coordinated attacks, suicide bombers in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem kill another 214 civilians and military personnel. Israeli F-15 Eagles strafe Gaza, Ramallah and Jenin killing hundreds.

1 September 2018: After the deaths of three Palestinian youths shot by construction security personnel, construction on the Hebrew University stadium is halted due to on-going protests.

3 October 2018: The International Atomic Energy Commission announces that Saudi Arabia has successfully completed an above-ground test of a nuclear device in the desert 40 kilometers south of Al Shafa.

11 October 2018: German Prime Minister Udo Voight announces a series of tariffs on all US goods imported into Germany that are related to companies with any ties to Judaism, which include 3M, Ambient, Blockbuster Video, Eastman Kodak, Lucent Technologies, Merck, Pfizer, Tower Records and Weyerhauser. Jewish AND Muslim shops are vandalized across Germany in what is described in the German press as “The Night of the Holy Cross”.

24 December 2018: Chinese President Xi Jinping announces a giant Free Trade deal with Germany. The US stock market drops another 300 points.

3 January 2018: Homeland Security declares a threat to national security and closes down the website.

17 February 2019: North Korean MiG-29’s sink a South Korean Corvette off the coast of Mayang-Do Island killing 37 crew members. Claiming casus belli, Seoul orders total mobilization and demands an immediate apology as tens of thousands of South Korean troops muster along the DMZ. Pyongyang responds by sending five divisions to the DMZ and blows up the lighthouse on Hodo Island with a strategic conventional missile. The UN Security Council pleads for a cease-fire and Vladimir Putin, President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping teleconference to decide options.   President Trump tweets: “Jim (sic) Jong Un should remember what happened to Al Raqqa.”

Later on he tweets: “Okay so they got a bomb. We have a bigger bomb. A lot of them.”

1 March 2019: As Commander-in-Chief, President Trump dismisses General Robert Abrams and assumes command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff himself.

3 March 2019: Syrian troops engage Israeli Defense Forces in the Golan Heights while Egyptian tanks move to Israel’s southern border. Israeli planes destroy all Iranian nuclear facilities and Iran declares war against Israel. The United States’ Sixth Fleet rendezvous off the coast of Israel between Tel Aviv and Haifa while American bases in Turkey, Italy and Spain are put on first alert.

7 March 2019: A plane carrying Michelle and Barack Obama en route to their daughter’s wedding in Honolulu crashes mysteriously 900 miles southwest of Hawaii killing everyone on board; the black box will remain deep in the Mariana Trench.

8 March 2019: President Trump tweets: “I’m not gonna pretend I’m sorry. They were a disaster for our country. Sorry for the kids”.

13 March 2019: President Trump says from the Oval Office, “As you all know, Israel and the United States have a long kinship and nothing will come between us. Nothing. I have ordered our Mediterranean fleet to the coast of Israel and I am ordering the Tenth Mountain Division as well as the Marine Air Ground Task Force to ready its units for immediate action should the aggression against Israel continue. People in Tehran, Damascus, Beirut and Cairo will do well to remember that we Americans carry a very big stick and we WILL use it if our friends in Israel are threatened. You people in Tehran are still learning about E=mc2. Well, let me tell you something. We have known about this a long, long time. Einstein came to America; he didn’t go to Iran. I hope you get my drift. We’re not playing games here folks.” President Trump tweets: “Speak loudly and carry a big atomic stick”.

15 March 2019: Two Syrian Sukhoi Su-34 aircraft bomb Israeli positions on the Golan Heights. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet leaves Sevastopol headed for the Bosporus and Dardanelles.

18 March 2019: In a nationally televised speech from the Oval Office President Trump tells the American people: “My fellow Americans, as you probably know, our friends in Israel are facing a severe existential threat. For all intents and purposes Israel is like a 51st state; they are one of us. They are our kind of mensch. We cannot let them and their democratic life be threatened, or, god forbid, destroyed. Therefore, I have ordered troops from the Tenth Mountain Division and Delta Force to land at Haifa and Tel Aviv and proceed toward Jerusalem. I have ordered the Army 108th Airborne to Jerusalem immediately. They are landing as we speak. We will engage Israel’s enemies wherever they are and drive them from the Holy Land. In my last conversation with President Putin I made it absolutely clear to him that we will not stop at ANYTHING to defend our friends in Israel. My sincerest hope is that the mullahs in Tehran, Beirut, Cairo and Damascus have good translators and understand exactly what I am saying here and pull their troops out of Israel immediately. We have boots on the ground now and we will not be deterred in our mission. I repeat; we will not suffer ANY obstacles in our effort to defend the Holy Land. And to you, the American people, I am not going to pretend that this is some military exercise and our boys will be home for spring break. We are at war with a sinister enemy closely aligned with “radical Islamic terrorism” and driving the terrorists out of Israel will be another success in eliminating the satanic scourge of ISIS from the face of the earth. We must all share in this battle and that is why I am re-instituting the Selective Service program and selective rationing programs.

19 March 2019: Young men and women begin receiving their 1-A notices to report to local military recruitment centers. Schools begin air-raid drill practice.

20 March 2019: The New SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) calls for nationwide strikes, walk-outs and protests from Harvard to Berkeley. President Trump tweets: “There they are again, chanting ‘freedom’ but afraid to fight for it. We’re at war folks. From this moment on all public dissent is treason. Section 110 Article 3 of the Constitution recommends the ultimate punishment kids. You hinder our war effort, you die. Period.”

23 April 2019: President Trump issues Executive Order 475 War Security Act forbidding ANY discussion of US military actions on social media, the paper press or television. All public assembly is forbidden.

30 April 2019: 37 students are killed by the NPDF in Berkeley, Boulder, Ann Arbor, Kent and Boston while protesting the war, the draft and demanding impeachment of President Trump.

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls: it tolls for thee. Donne

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