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  • Arthur Bacon

Trayvon Martin: Letter to the Editor of The New York Times

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Every one of us with a three digit IQ knows who killed Trayvon Martin; the NRA. The NRA is the hand-maiden for the gun industry and lobbied strenuously for “stand your ground.” No matter how many American children die of handguns every year (about 3,000) Colt, Winchester, Remington, and Ruger want to sell more guns in order to maintain “a well regulated militia.”

Next to pornography, guns are the most seductive things on the planet. Anybody who denies this is exercising his right to de-ratiocination. Guns are beautifully made objects just like German cameras, power tools and fine guitars. They feel good in your hand and we want one! I like guns myself and I have had a couple guns that were so beautiful that even my Yale-Cum-Laude-geeky-artist girlfriend admits to appreciating their tactile, seductive, luscious beauty. I can guarantee that your pulse will quicken when you pick up a Beretta 9mm pistol.

Buy a Leica and you are gonna take a million pictures. Buy a new Makita cordless drill and you are gonna have new shelves all over the house. What do you do with your new Glock? You look at yourself in the mirror with it. You wear it praying for a chance to use it.

Zimmerman is a dweeb who loved guns. The poor sap. The silence of the NRA in the past few weeks has been deafening. Guns, dweebs and racism don’t mix. Thank you again NRA for demonstrating the importance of our right to bear arms and kill innocent people.

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